My talented daughter, Miss B, loves music. Like many 14-year olds, she is always plugged into her iPod listening to music. Her tastes are incredibly eclectic.

In addition to listening to music, she enjoys making music, too. She has been playing the flute for 4 years under the tutelage of the band director at her school. She auditioned for County Band twice and earned first chair both times.  <proud mama!>

The band director referred us to a flute teacher because he felt he had taken her as far as he could. The flute is not his primary instrument. I had just made arrangements for her first lesson days before MacGyver’s layoff. I didn’t want to pull the plug entirely on her lessons considering County Band is just two short weeks away. After much discussion, we decided to continue with lessons in preparation for County Band and then make the switch to bi-weekly lessons. Hopefully this approach would allow her to continue to grow as a musician and fit into or tighter budget.

I emailed the instructor and explained the situation. The kindness of this stranger brought me to tears. She was so gracious and understanding. She offered to accept Miss B at no cost to get her through County Band and re-evaluate in March. She offered to let us borrow books until our situation changes and we can purchase our own. The kindness of strangers is such an amazing display of God’s hand. I think I’ll ask God to put another jewel in her crown.